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St Andrew’s Cross

St Andrew’s Cross

$849.99 Regular Price
$649.99Sale Price

The total square footage of your space is probably not what you want to be focussed on when you're ready to a) take control of a partner or b) have them take control of you. Luckily, you won't need a giant dungeon to play with the Master Series' St. Andrew's Cross!

Okay, so the Cross isn't exactly tiny, but thanks to the upright design, it'll only take up a little floor space. Once mounted to a wall (screwdriver and bolt are included), you can use it with a wide range of gear to restrain your (always consensual) partner - or vice versa. There are many possible connection points for cuffs, tethers, and more.

The Cross's underlying structure is extra stable in wood and iron, and the vegan leather padding is extra comfy. Your Cross will come in five easily assembled pieces that you can set to suit your or their height and position desires. You'll need a drill, bits, and a stud finder for the initial set-up.

Assembled, the St. Andrew's Cross is 72"/882.8cm long and x 37.5"/95.3cm wide. The arm and leg pads are 29"/73.7cm long and 6.5"/16.5cm wide, and the torso pad is 19"/48.3cm long and 15.5"/39.4cm wide.

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