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Special Edition Door Jam Sling

Special Edition Door Jam Sling

$139.99 Regular Price
$111.99Sale Price


Generally speaking, a closed door is not an invitation. However, when the Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling is set up on the other side of that closed door, all that changes! This high end sling from the pleasure experts at Sportsheets invites you and your partner(s) to some very erotic, acrobatic, weightless compromising sex and foreplay positions behind closed doors.

Featuring a comfy padded seat, plenty of foot and leg support, hand grips and a special detachable dildo/penetrator and bullet vibe anchor pad, the Sling's pleasure possibilities are practically endless. All straps are adjustable, so you'll be able to customize the height of the seat, plus the exact position of the hand grips and foot supports. The seat can tilt and tip any way you need it to, but you can also enjoy the Door Jam standing. 

Let's talk about the included Dildo & Bullet Anchor Pad! If you choose to use it, you'll be able to attach a dildo (or other penetrator) to the seat of your Sling, plus position up to four vibrators in strategic slots. The toys aren't included, but most standard dildos, vibes, plugs and otherwise will work just fine.

Fitting over most standard and doors, the Door Jam's attaches to a (well secured, please) door using two adjustable straps tipped by sturdy metal bars. Position the bars over your door of choice, close up, and you're good to go! Pro tip: always set up the Special Edition Door Jam Sex Slings on the 'closed' or interior room side of the door to prevent any possible mishaps caused by the door opening. If your door has a lock, all the better. Use it!  

This exciting Sling is meant to help your partner support your weight during sexy-time and provide some exciting positioning control - it's not meant to be used as a suspension device, and shouldn't be used alone, nor should you attempt to support more than one person. The Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling holds up to 325lbs/147kg. Please use with a solid, secure door. 


  • Sling with Padded Seat
  • Foot Supports & Hand Grips
  • Dildo and Bullet Anchor Pad
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