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Mystery Bags

Mystery Bags

PriceFrom $30.00

Our mystery bags are filled with our favorites! From lingerie to enhancements for the bedroom, novelty products, candles and wetwet products - the bagger the big the more variety! Plus - we give you 50% more in value than what you pay! So - snag a large bag for $100, get $150 in mystery products.

We are kinda experts at this - don’t believe us? Go ask in our Facebook community! They’ve been our best selling product for 4 years now for a reason!

  • Bag sizes and values

    Small bag $30 - value $45

    Medium bag $50 - value $75

    Large bag $100 - value $150

    Mega bag $250 - value $375

    Gargantuan bag $500 - value $750

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