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Lovebed Lounger

Lovebed Lounger

$549.99 Regular Price
$449.99Sale Price

Some of us are super athletes or even acrobats, but it's probably safe to say that most of us are, well, not. So, it would stand to reason that certain sex acts and positions may be a tad out of our realm of ability, especially those gravity-defying ones. Enter WhipSmart and the comfy Lovebed Lounger Sex Swing!

Incredibly easy to assemble and incorporating lots of options for restraint and BDSM play, this padded, extra-supportive Swing makes countless positions and weightless pleasure not only entirely possible but straightforward and safe. Setting up the Swing is a snap; detailed instructions help you through installation, which doesn't require fancy tools or obscure knowledge.

The soft lounging mattress and adjustable straps with padded support areas can be used as you and your partners see fit - two cuffs and two stirrups are included, but you can easily switch them up for other restraints you own and love. Your imagination will be free to take over as new ways to tease, please, and dominate each other reveal themselves. Please install your Swing according to manufacturer instructions for a safe, always enjoyable ride. The suggested max weight is 400 lbs (180kg).

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