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Goddess Candle

Goddess Candle

PriceFrom $9.99

Handmade by Shannon, cleansed and spoken over by the entire team at the Glitter factory in Roanoke, VA - our intention candles are the perfect addition to your altar or self care routine.

Each candle color represents a different manifestation intention:

Green - Abundance & Prosperity

Black - Rebirth & New beginnings

Pink - Self love & Confidence

White - Inner peace & Open communication

Every candle comes with a corresponding crystal ✨

Candles are available in 3 styles :

Mushroom Head Goddess

Clothed Goddess

Nude Goddess


    Our candles are still getting some tweaks while we learn what we love the most -feel free to order one of our trial candles at a fraction of the cost if you are OK with slight imperfections. Trial candles will be selected at random. The color and body style will be a surprise 🫶🏻 trial candles may have slight imperfections but we will not send anything we wouldn’t use ourselves!

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