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Eclipse Interchangeable Probe Vibe

Eclipse Interchangeable Probe Vibe


It's really really hard not to make a moon joke when we're talking about a butt toy called the Eclipse, but we won't! We will say that the Interchangeable Probe Vibe just might, ahem, eclipse some of the other anal-geared toys in your collection, though.

Perfect for those times when you just can't decide on a size, the Interchangeable hands you or you and your partner two classically tapered plugs - one large and one smaller - plus a sturdy suction-graced power base that screws securely onto each.

Classic in shape, each plug starts off nice and sleek at the tip, all the better for comfy penetration. They both widen gradually to a thicker swell just before a slender neck, which, incidentally, is where you'll be attaching the power base. Once your plug is set up, you're free to start up the first of twelve possible modes of powerful vibration - just hit a a single button on the power base.

In silky silicone, the Eclipse Interchangeable Probe Vibe is extra hygienic and super low-maintenance. Clean your plugs well before and after use with some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, pop it in the dishwasher (after removing the power base) or wipe down with a mild bleach solution. Compatible with any favorite water-based lubricant. Waterproof.

* Featured measurements list the Eclipse Interchangeable Probe Vibe with the smaller plug attached. With the Large in place, the Probe is 6.25"/16cm long and 3"/7.5cm wide

  • Features

    Length: 4.25"

    Insertable Length: 3"

    Girth: 3.75" a

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